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Mausoleum of Korasan (Khorasan).

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"She wanders in the sky again,
That arise, then decrease,
But never in shady gardens
We cannot be found, cannot be found"

Omar Hayam.

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Korasan ata mausoleum is located on the territory of an ancient necropolis, at an altitude of 161.4 meters above sea level, located on the edge of the eastern part of the Kyzylkum desert, 22.4 kilometers southeast of the village of Zhanaryk and 14.7 kilometers south of the village of Baikenzhe , 32 kilometers southwest of the village of Zhanakorgan in the Zhanakorgan district of the Kyzylorda region.
In information sources, there are exact dates for the construction of the Korasan Ata mausoleum in the 19th century, in the period from 1890 to 1898. The author is A. Babazhanuly. Later, a mosque was built on the territory of the necropolis, which was destroyed during the years of Soviet power. In 2005 the mausoleum was restored.
The mausoleum consists of two parts. The volumetric area of the mausoleum is approximately 760 cubic meters. The mausoleum is built of burnt bricks and is 16.35 meters long and 8.20 meters wide. The height of one of the two domes is 14 meters.
Next to the mausoleum is the mausoleum of his son Usein. 150 meters to the west of the Korasan ata mausoleum is one of the most unusual structures in the country - a copy of the Kaaba, sacred to all Muslims. Its origin and purpose is a mystery.
One of the legends ascribes the honor of the appearance of this building to the son of Khorasan ata - Usein. As a true Muslim, Khorasan ata read namaz five times a day. But during the morning prayer, he disappeared. Usein could not understand where his father was going, and once asked him about it.
Khorasan ata answered his son that he reads one part of the prayer in Mecca in the house of Allah. Then Usein promised his father to move the Kaaba. Khorasan ata was surprised by this statement of his son, but decided to test him.
And one day he saw the shadow of the Kaaba, which hovered over the area. Then he asked his son to take the shrine to its place and drew its shadow. This place was surrounded by stones so that no one could accidentally step on it.
There, a copy of the Kaaba was built, inside of which there are huge stones that cannot be taken out. Nobody knows what they are for. But it is known that they have been lying there since the VIIIth century. Near the Kaaba is a well with sacred water. It is believed that the water from this well is healing and heals many diseases.
The local population sacredly honors the memory of Khorasan ata. Crowds of pilgrims and tourists flock here. All conditions have been created for them here, there is a house for overnight stay, service personnel. The mausoleum of Khorasan ata is a monument of architecture and history of local importance.
Geographical coordinates of mausoleum of Korasan ata: N43°45'31.32" E66°54'47.60"
Geographic coordinates of the copy of Kaaba: N43°45'31.36" E66°54'40.00"

Mausoleum of Korasan-ata in the Kyzylorda region. Photo by Almas Ordabaev.

Authority and photos:
Kyzylorda regional online newspaper.