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Koshkar-Ata saint of the tomb and Chillyahana.

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“Until you taste the nectar of love,
Until you put on the clothes of lovers
Until you gather in one faith and worship,
You will not be able to see the divine face of the Creator”

Hikmet Khoja Ahmed Yasavi.

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Koshkar-Ata Mazar and Chillyakhana dates from the Middle Ages, are located in the village of Turbat, Kazygurt district, Turkestan region. Chillyakhana is part of the architectural complex of Ismail Ata. As part of the necropolis and other buildings, forms the western part of the monument.
Portal-domed construction with 3 niches-apse located on three sides of the central hall. It is made of burnt square brick. In the interior of the hall - on the walls and the domed drum - fragments of ornamental murals have been preserved.
The building is used to perform funeral rituals. Mazar Koshkar-Ata is located between the chillyakhana and the mosque. A small portal-domed single-chamber building with a low apse, in which tombstones are installed. A characteristic detail of the monument is the arrangement of cellular sails in the form of twin bricks cantilever protruding from one another.
In connection with the repairs carried out later, combining the chilltakhana and the Koshkar-Ata mausoleum into a single architectural composition, the monument from the main facade is hidden by a wall. Now restored.

Koshkar-Ata saint of the tomb and Chillyakhana in Turbat. Photo of the 80s of the XX century.

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