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Khan's headquarters in Ulytau.

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Khan's headquarters of Khan Ordasy (ruins of Korgan) is located 633 meters from the left (western) bank of the Karatal River, in the north-western part of the Ulytau mountains, 10.2 kilometers to the east and slightly north of the Sarlyk village, 9.6 kilometers to northeast of Lake Kenebai, 23.5 kilometers northwest of the Ulytau village in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region.
For the first time, the burial ground dating back to the Bronze Age was surveyed by Margulan in the 70s of the XX century (it was opened in 1946). The central part of this archaeological site is a stone fence measuring about 11 by 11 meters, oriented to the cardinal points.
The walls of the tomb are lined with masonry in several rows; inside the structure there is a stone box with an area of ​​about 9 square meters made of vertically placed granite slabs. This burial belongs to the Begazy-Dandybaevskaya Late Bronze Age culture.
However, in addition to him, in Aybas-Darasy there are a couple of other tombs of the Bronze Age, as well as mounds of the Early Iron Age, as well as monuments dating back to the Middle Ages. The archaeological complex is located in the valley of the Aybas river, in the western foothills of the Ulytau mountains, 1.5 kilometers east of the Aybas wintering and north of the Sarykuz river.
From the grader connecting Ulytau and Sarlyk, there are several exits to the south (one of them is marked with a car tire). The easiest way to get to Aybas-Darasa is from Sarlyk.
Geographic coordinates of Khan headquarters of Khan Ordasy (ruins of Korgan): N48 ° 47'11.20 "E66 ° 45'24.39"

Authority and photos:
Vitaly Shuptar.
Alexander Petrov.