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Friendship of Peoples Monument in Nur-Sultan.

Travels in Kazakhstan and the Southern of Kyrgyzstan.

“Worship of heroes is most developed where respect for human freedom is least developed”

Herbert Spencer.

Travels in Kazakhstan and the Southern of Kyrgyzstan.

The Friendship of Peoples Monument is a bowl, a pool with fountains, in the center of which on a pedestal is a bronze sculpture of three intersecting figures 8 meters high. According to the author, the interconnected branches symbolize plexus, shaking hands, bonds of friendship, an oath to protect each other, peace and harmony.
In topological science, there are nodes called “clover leaves”. These mutually flowing three sleeves, without beginning and end, mean long life, infinity, happiness and prosperity. Near the sculpture is conceived a "forest" of fountains, each fountain is located at the intersection of small granite slabs.
These fountains symbolize ethnic groups and peoples of Kazakhstan. “The ambiguity of the composition, the deep philosophical meaning, the mysteriousness of the plexuses of hands, the even rows of beating fountains should cause the viewer a sense of joyful aspiration upward, the desire to change life for the better, to live in friendship and harmony,” opinion of the author of the project.
On holidays, the fountains operate as a “running wave” with the sound of music and beautiful lighting below. The Friendship of Peoples monument was opened on May 1, 2003. The author is the architect Saken Narynov.
Located on the corner of Republic Avenue and Omarov Street. The monument is made of bronze.