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Azu Tisteri on valley Boszhira.

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The visiting card of the Boszhira tract are two limestone peaks, nicknamed for their form the Azu Tisteri, which are located in the Karakiyan district of the Mangistau region in the Boszhira tract. The height of the southernmost peak reaches a height of 49 meters, the northern one, which is located at a distance of 170 meters from the southern one - 25 meters.
A few people known pathway can lead the traveler to the narrow sightseeing platform, which offers unforgettable views of Boszhira Castles valley. The height of the northern part of the Western chink of the Ustyurt plateau, in the vicinity of the Azu Tisteri peaks, rises to a height of 243.1 meters above sea level.
East of Azu Tisteri is Oinak Bosjira. This, one of the unique landscapes of the Western Chink of Ustyurt, is especially impressive with the peaks of the Azu Tisteri at sunrise, when the tops of the outliers begin to be illuminated by rising rays.
The Azu Tistery of Boszhira creates a fantastic, unforgettable panorama of the surroundings and attractions of the Boszhira tract. From here, the most recognizable view of the surrounding chalk and stone sculptures opens.
Nature endowed this corner with the most diverse and amazing forms of relief, which, when contemplated by a person, arouse in him aesthetic feelings of a beautiful and unique delight. This natural paradise of Mangyshlak will once again delight tourists and travelers with its views.

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